Gwen & Derek Acorah

Derek & Gwen with puppy Spook

We at Pathfinder Dogs are saddened by the passing of Derek Acorah. Our love and wishes go out to his wife, Gwen Acorah and their family.

They have been with us from day one, supporting us in many ways.

Derek attended many events for us, including riding on a chieftain tank that our totally blind founder was driving as a fundraiser.

Gwen is a mine of information for the charity, she supports in many ways not seen by the public.

Both of them visited our charity shop in Hamilton, along with a visit to our place in Wishaw. Derek also officially opened our coffee shop. Derek collected money for us on his tours, he was often found with a bucket or collection pot on his table when doing signings and photos at the end of his shows.

There are a number of photos here with our Patrons over time, some with dogs that are still here and some with dogs that have passed over.

Derek, you will be missed as one of our Patrons, a supporter but most of all, a friend. Thank you from all of us at Pathfinder Dogs.

Pathfinder Acorah

We’d like you to meet our latest recruit and a fabulous way to remember Derek.

Pathfinder Acorah

Acorah showing off his beautiful reddish coat in the sun