We believe that natural and healthy feeding is the best for our dogs.  
We feed our dogs a raw diet, including raw meaty bones, to promote healthy digestion, teeth and gums.

Currently we have to purchase our pups until our own breeding scheme is established.  Health is a vital component for our dogs, not only to the dogs’ longevity of work as guides, but also to promote responsibility and support the German Shepherd Dogs health screening schemes.

We look for puppies’ parents to have very good hip and elbow scores and to have the relevant heath screens and tests.

All our pups only receive a natural, homoeopathic vaccine regime.  We then ‘titre’ test at the age of 18 months and then at 18 month intervals throughout their working life.

As much as possible we try to use ‘natural medicine’ to treat our dogs, to prevent them being exposed to unnecessary chemicals. However, if our dogs need veterinary treatment – they get it immediately. The health of our dogs always comes first. 

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Here are some of our sources of food and holistic medicines.